The French Five-Ten. A Spad 510 in 1/72 built by Petr Zaras

   I bet the majority of modellers will have  thought of the French low-wing monoplane Dewoitine 510, if one mentions those three digits in the title. Well, they are right of course, but there was yet one more French fighter aeroplane at that time with the same designation, the Spad 510. Also of an all-metal construction, but with a pair of wings, and a contemporary to our own Avia B.534 biplane fighter.  This French biplane prouded itself with a famous factory name (or rather an abbreviation) SPAD and became the very last combat biplane of the Armée de l'Air. It served long enough to see action in WW2 and flew with the territorial defence units as well as with training units. A few of both Czech and Polish pilots also flew and fought at the controls of the Spad.
   The 1/72 scale kit sets of the Spad 510 were manufactured by Special Hobby team for our partners at Azur/From of France and there are two boxings available,  FR0049 a FR0050. And it is the latter one which contains the war-time schemes that was chosen by Petr Zaras for one of his latest builds. Petr says there is nothing in the kit to complain about and he not only built and finished the model very nicely, he also made a few photos which we are now happy to share with the readers. THank you very much, Petr!.


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