The very first military Cub - Martin Pfeifer's 1/48 J-3 Cub

   Martin Pfeifer is back again with his SH48220 J-3 Cub model depicting one of the very first Cub airframes to have served with the US military. During the large scale military exercises held in 1940, the Army borrowed (while the air force rejected the offered J-3s) a few yellow-overall machines from the Piper flying school, Their striking livery was hidden beneath newly applied Olive Drab distemper. The artillery control and short range reconnaissance test flights turned out more then well and so the Cub had their way to the military open, resulting in large number orders for the L4 Grasshopper military version.
   Along with the mentioned history, these first ex-civilian Cubs are also interesting for their distemper camouflage scheme as due to the intensity of their service with the military, the olive got off the airframe rather quickly, leaving uneven patches of the original Yellow. And even this is portrayed nicely on Martin's model. And allow us also to mention a few sets available for this model, namely the inside/outside M48015 masks,  4452 resin wheels and fabulous 3D-printed power unit, set no. P48002 .


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