News from Special Hobby 09/2023

   Dear readers, here comes our September Newsletter. Last year’s September issue brought the information on the release of the 1/72 scale Mirage IIIC kit, which since then has proved very successful with the modellers and the sales numbers tell the same story. While this Mirage is currently available in two boxings, our team are currently developing a few more depicting the IIIE and Mirage 5 varieties. This September you can start looking for even better kit of a jet fighter of the post-war period, the F-84F Thunderstreak. This aircraft was operated by the USAF obviously, but by many otherNATO forces, too. The very first release contains markings for US-flown machines and is to become available on 20 September 2023, followed closely by a second release containing French and Israeli markings to commemorate the Suez Crisis and the Operation Musketeer / Kadesh. We are aware that many modellers might get upset not to get the F-84F model in the markings of their air forces, but really do not despair please, we promise to do everything in our powers to get more reboxings in your nation colours very fast after the initial first two to satisfy your desire for a truly perfect F-84F replica.
    Besides the F-84F, this Newsletter is also bringing the information on the 1/48 Anson and T-2 Buckeye kits and the 1/72 model of the Aero A-12, the very first Czechoslovak airfraft to have broken a few world records. And on top of that also several masks, resin and 3D-printed sets, model kits and figures, too. 
A. Riedel


Avro Anson Mk.I  ‘Anti-submarine Annie’ 1/48

  Annies, as the Avro Ansons were familiarly known then, flew during WW2 not just over their home skies in the UK, they were widely used also in Africa, Canada or Australia. And at the controls could be seen pilots of many various nationalities. And our SH48211 model kit and its colour schemes reminds us of such airmen who left their often occupied homes to fly and fight against the enemy. The first of the offered options is a No.321 (Dutch) Sqn machine while the second one was used by Poles while at the No.6 Air Observer & Navigator School. The final option is a machine bearing Free French markings and operated over West Africa. The model is based on an earlier release, however most of the resin parts are now made of injected styrene and can be found on two new sprues. The kit also comes with a fret of pre-coloured etches. 

-    detail resin cast parts and pre-painted etches already in the kit
-    striking schemes and decals
-    pre-cut mask set also sold separately

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T-2 Buckeye ‘Anniversary Markings’ 1/48



   The 1/48 T-2 Buckeye model is back now as is also its larger 1/32 cousin. And both releases share the same colour schemes depicting so called anniversary markings, one scheme is for a US Navy option while the other is more exotic indeed, reminding us that the Buckeyes also flew with the Hellenic Air Force. And both these schemes are quite eye-catching. Unlike the original releases with vacuum formed canopies, the models now sports much more modeller-friendly injected clear parts. The kit also contains resin cast parts and pre-painted etches. 

-    the only 1/48 T-2 on the market
-    contains detail resin parts and pre-painted etches
-    eye-catching schemes
-    limited quantity
-    pre-cut masks also available, made to fit the new injected canopy

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Aero A-12 ‘The First Record Breakers’ 1/72

   The Aero A-12 biplane was designed by Ing.Husnik, Aero's chief-designer, in 1923 and only a year later, the type found its way to the service with the Czechoslovak Air Force. And it also make a big success during the The Second Air Speed Race for the Trophy of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic. The three involved Aero A-12 airframes achieved world records, the very first ones of Czechoslovak airmen.
   These record machines are also portrayed in our kit, which comes on three styrene sprues joined by one with clear parts, a set of resin details and a fret of etches. The decals cover five race machines with large race numbers and fuselage emblems. One of the machines was adapted to a single-seater to save some weight.

-    the only Aero A-12 styrene format kit in world
-    striking schemes with interesting history

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F-84F Thunderstreak ‘US Sweep-Wing Fighter’ 1/72

   The F-84F Thunderstreak swept-wing jet fighter was a development of the Republic F-84G straight wing aircraft. Using a wing with the sweep along with a more powerful jet engine improved the performance to that of the F-86 Sabre. At first, the F-84F experienced several trouble with their power units, manoeuvrability as well as with corrosion. Later, after the outbreak of the Berlin Crisis and subsequent need to make the NATO forces more powerful, the F-84F jets started to equip many NATO air forces, including that of Germany and France, while earlier these planes were used mainly by the USAF and US Guard units. The first combat deployment the F-84F saw was during the Suez Crisis and the only air victories gained by the type were acieved by Turkish machines taking on Iraqi Il-28 bombers violating the Turkish air space.
   The F84F served both in the home skies and overseas in Europe and in the Pacific. Our SH72395 kit set brings four USAF marking schemes, two of which were flown in the US while the other two in the UK. Special Hobby’s  F-84F kit is completely new with superb levels of detail and offers two styles of the canopy hood which can be posed either closed or open. Four styrene sprues also bring wide range of underwing stores

-    highly detailed model
-    excellent fit
-    striking schemes and decals
-    pre-cut paint masks sold separately
-    accessories sets currently being developed

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T-2 Buckeye Inside/Otside MASK 1/48

Pre-cut spray masks for the inside and outside of the new clear injected canopy parts and the undercarriage wheels of  Special Hobby’s T-2 model kit sets.

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F-84F Thunderstreak MASK 1/72

Pre-cut spray masks for the clear canopy parts and u/c wheels of the very new F-84F Thunderstreak model kits produced by Special Hobby.

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Elektrischer Generator 8kw für Flak Sw-36 mit Sd.Ah.51 1/72

A German portable electric generator that was used to power the 60cm Flak Scheinwerfer searchlights assembly. Like the searchlight itself, the generator used the Sd.Ah51 trolley for transport. The trolley is also in the kit, all parts of which are 3D printed.

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Morris CS9 British Light Armored Car ‘Battle of France’1/72

Developed in the pre-war years, this armoured vehicle was then built in a hundred examples. It was armed with either an anti-tank rifle or a machine gun. The British Army used a few of these vehicles during the Battle of France in 1940 and all of them were eventually destroyed or abandoned. The remaining cars went later to North Africa. Our model offers the European variety of the Morris CS9 type as used by the 12th Royal Lances in France in 1940. The major parts are resin cast, the kit also has a fret of etches a nd a few printed parts.   

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P-39Q Airacobra Engine 1/72 / for Arma Hobby kit

Resin cast set which brings you the option to build your Arma Hobby P-39 Airacobra with the port side engine compartment open. Comes with cast engine panel and new 3D-printed exhaust stubs.   

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Concrete Hedgehog - WWII Anti-tank Barrier (4 pcs.) 1/72

Concrete-made hedgehog anti-tank barriers had been devised by Czechoslovak army specialists only days before the outbreak of WW2. However, due  to the shortsighted stance of the democratic powers that gave in to Hitler in Munich in 1938, these barriers were used by the Wehrmacht instead. Our nicely detailed resin parts closely resemble the concrete surface.

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Concrete Hedgehog - WWII Anti-tank Barrier (2 pcs.) 1/48

Concrete-made hedgehog anti-tank barriers had been devised by Czechoslovak army specialists only days before the outbreak of WW2. However, due  to the shortsighted stance of the democratic powers that gave in to Hitler in Munich in 1938, these barriers were used by the Wehrmacht instead. Our nicely detailed resin parts closely resemble the concrete surface.

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3D printed Parts

Dromedary (2 pcs) 1/48

A pair of 3D-printed single-hump camels. Fits dioramas from Africa and Middle East, from the ancient times to the present day, also suitable for American dioramas from 1856 to 1900 – namely depicting the US Conferedarion army, and for Australian dioramas from 1866 to the present.

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Hetzer / Stug IIIG (Late) Remote Controlled MG 34 1/35

Remotely controlled MG34 machine gun mount on the top of the Stug III and Hetzer armoured vehicles reduced the numbers of losses amongst the gunners defending their vehicles against attacking enemy troops. Highly detailed, 3D-printed gun mount with the MG34 machine gun and an ammo magazine for 50 rounds come also with etched parts. This set is designed to fit rather univerrsally any Stug III or Hetzer model of any manufacturer. The set contains two different styles of the shield to fit either the
Stug III / Stuh or the Hetzer vehicles.

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