A few bits and bobs for the 72nd scale Tempest, even with a doggie

Airfix's 1/72 Tempest does deserve some accessory sets and these photos today show what we have decided to offer you. You can see the 3D-printed test prototype items such as the engine with tanks (P72008), early style cannons which are truly gems themselves, even with nuts at the end of the barrels (P72009),  gun sight and pilot's seat set (P72010) where the sight will come made from clear material and the seat is of correct proportions, not so terribly narrow and lacking the belts as the kit item. Then we will also make the undercarriage wheels, even two stlyes of them, early and late, which will be made of resin. And we cannot forget to mention the pilot and a ground crew (F72402), where the mechanic attends the start cart while the pilot enjoys a few peaceful  moments before another mission fooling around with his doggie friend...


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