SH72420 Potez 25A2 ‘Jupiter Version’ - a finished 1/72 model

Among the most widely used biplanes in Europe throughout the 20s and 30s  had been the Potez 25 , a model of which Martin Pfeifer already built for us, then in the Potez 25 TOE variety, using kit SH72407. Now he has devoted his modelling time and skills to build a thing quite different, fitted with a radial instead of the usula in-line power plant. So the beauty shown here today has the Jupiter radial in its nose and is built from kit SH72420. What makes it even more eye catching is those very rarely seen national markings that back in the day belonged to the Estonia air force. Hope I am not far from the truth when I say it is only the second SH model sporting such markings


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