SH48238 SMB-2 Super Mystère 'Sa’ar – Israeli Storm in the Sky' 1/48 - 3D-printed parts first look

The upcoming 1/48 release of the SMB-2 Super Mystère  'Sa’ar – Israeli Storm in the Sky' (SH48238) contains, among other nice features, also a great amount of 3D-printed, nicely detailed parts. This kit is one of the Hi-Tech format releases and for its preparation, we chose to cooperate with the MCC company which stood behind the design of those 3D parts. The final parts are designed along with their protective cage as can be seen today in the images below. And what those parts look like free from their supports and covered with a single layer of Surfacer, is shown in the photos with the wooden base, these were also displayed at the Nuremberg Fair this year...


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