Truly Unique model for the aficionado modeller!

The 1/72 Focke Wulf Fw 19a Ente (Planet Models range) is a very remarkable model indeed. The full scale thing was a monoplane with its tailplane moved to the very front, making it a plane of the so called canard configuration. It had three wheel undercarriage, the pilot occupied an open cockpit whilst in the rear, two to three passengers enjoyed themselves as their cabin was enclosed. The canard forewing was mounted on short struts above the very nose of the aircraft and the twin engines were located in their respective nacelles beneath the wing. Plane with registration D-1960 was put to service in 1930 and next year it made a European promotion tour across Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and finally to Great Britain. On 7 November 1931, Focke Wulf's chief pilot Cornelius Edzard made a visit with D-1960 at Hanworth airfield. Later, the plane was put to display at the German Aircraft Collection  in Berlin, where it was, sadly, destroyed during an Allied bomb raid. 

The model in our images here is built from PLT183 kit by Martina Pfeifer.


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