Typhoon Mk.I Sets through photographer's lense

A few of the 1/72 Typhoon Mk.I (Airfix) 3D-printed sets is already available, the remaining ones being worked on now. What you might start looking for can be seen in the photos below. The cannon correction set is made for either side of the wings, the orange parts display the final levels of quality and detail while the grey parts are only preliminary and uncomplete. This is the list of all the sets that are supposed to get to the market. (first three and the wheels already available)

129-P72012        Typhoon Mk.I Engine 1/72 / for Airfix kit

129-P72013        Typhoon Mk.I Gun Sight and Seat Correction Set 1/72 / for Airfix kit

129-P72014        Typhoon Mk.I Three-blade Propeler 1/72  / for Airfix kit

129-P72015        Typhoon Mk.I Gun Bays 1/72  / for Airfix kit

129-P72016        Typhoon Mk.I Standard Exhausts 1/72  / for Airfix kit

129-P72017        Typhoon Mk.I Late Type Shrouded Exhausts  1/72 / for Airfix kit

129-P72022        Typhoon Mk.I Tailwheel w/Leg 1/72 / for Airfix kit

129-Q72413        Tempest/Typhoon Early type Wheels


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