Black all over, and yet without the Hercules. What could it be? Yes, the Mk.II Beaus!

   All the production Beaufighters flew with the Hercules power plants. With only one exception which was the Mk.II version fitted with the in-line MErlins. Those engines were much sleeker and so the Mk.II Beaus had completely redesigned engine nacelles, too. The vast majority of them flew night fighter duties over the British Isles, some examples were in use by the FAA and some even found their way far far to Gibraltar.
  In today's photos we are so very happy to be able to showcase Honza Šimon's (of the Merry Model Builders Club) model that has been built from Airfix's kit and using our CMK7490 conversion set. 
In fact, Special Hobby produce two sets, early Beau 7489 and late one 7490


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