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News from Special Hobby 06/2019

The June edition of Special Hobby Newsletter is here to bring you the new release which has managed to arouse a huge interest among modellers, in fact they do keep asking about it every single time a new piece of information is revealed on our facebook page and the ratings of our posts and number of shares are simply skyrocketing and breaking every records. This new release is the 1/48 Siebel Si 204D model kit and we are happy to bring you not just this one but also the 1/72 Canadian Vickers Delta Mk.II RCAF 'On snow and water' with both skis and floats, as the name suggests and the Swiss DH.100 Vampire FB.6 ‘Pinocchio Nose’ in the same scale.  CMK sets for this June focus mainly on Special Hobby kits. There are in total three different sets with underwing ordnance suitable for the Israeli Fouga Magister / Tsukit models. The usage of these sets is not limited just to the Fouga / Tsukit, wide variety of other types in service with the IAF could be fitted with these weapons as …

Arado Ar 96B Captured & Post War - marking option profiles

Our forthcoming 1/72 Arado 96B captured  & Post War will offer the following schemes:

SH72391 Vampire FB.6 ‘Pinocchio Nose’ in 1/72 - out this June

One of the new kits we are planning to release this June is also the rather ‘nosey’ Vampire in Swiss guise. Along the new nose section, the Swiss FB.6 Vampires featured also a hot seat in the pilot's office. Both these items are among the needed styrene items of this offering. Originally, the Swiss Vampires wore a bit dull scheme of Aluminium overall, though things changed significantly later on when some machines were relegated to the target marker role, receiving a vivid scheme of Dayglo and Black, later even Red and Black wing and fuselage stripes. The whole development of the colour schemes is also shown via the colour profiles and decals in our new kit.

Mirage F.1C built by Rémi Schackmann

Rémi Schackmann, a French modeller of clearly unique skills, has proudly shared a real Mirage galore with us. And there really is something to be proud of – his 1/72 Mirage F.1C is simply gorgeous. Rémi built this model using our SH72388 MirageF.1C/C-200 'Armée de l'Air' kit.